The Big Vegan Burger is the latest creation to roll off the line by McDonald’s Israel

McDonald’s Israel is entering the “meatless meat” game in the Holy Land with the new Big Vegan Burger, made out of wheat and soy. McDonald’s Israel is already the largest fast-food chain in the country and its latest creation is geared towards solidifying its spot as a customer-serving brand, as it already serves the Orthodox community with 50 Kosher branches and the religious-observant sector with “Kosher L’Pesach” (Kosher for Passover) recipes and outlets.


The Big Vegan Launches at McDonald's Israel

Israel, long-known for its tech prowess and dubbed the “Start-Up Nation,” has earned another moniker as of late – The Vegan Nation. In 2010, only 2.6% of Israelis identified as vegetarian or vegan. Nowadays, over 5% of Israelis observe a vegan diet (5.2% to be exact) and McDonald’s Israel has decided to capitalize on the rapidly-expanding market with a new creation – the Big Vegan Burger. The new “meatless meat” burger is made primarily out of wheat and soy and was developed by Nestlé, the Swiss food manufacturing company.

Big Vegan Burger

Already being served in European markets, the Big Vegan Burger will be launched initially in the Tel Aviv area and should the pilot program take off, will be expanded nation-wide. This arrival comes as part of a global trend towards offering meatless vegan-friendly burger options in the fast food market. Established international brand such as KFC and Burger King are already offering vegan burgers in select markets. Beyond Meat, a company at the forefront of the vegan-burger-development game, has seen its profile soar as of late with an impressive IPO.

Would you try the Big Vegan Burger at McDonald’s Israel? Let us know what you think of this growing trend in the comments below.


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