Yom Kippur

The Holiest Day of the Year is Yom Kippur – The Day of Atonement

Marked by a fast in which even the most secular of Jews usually keep, on Yom Kippur we refrain from food and drink (including water) for a full day while we spend most of the day in synagogue asking G-d for forgiveness. In Israel, the roads are void of cars, no one drives except for emergency services, and families and kids can ride in the middle of the streets. It’s truly an amazing and unique experience being in Israel on Yom Kippur.


Yom Kippur

The streets of Israel are void of cars and automobiles on Yom Kippur. Photo: IsraeliAbroad

As for recipes, there are many popular foods to eat before the fast and many more we eat to break the fast, usually “easy” foods that help the body get back on track and regain strength after the days’ exertions. These primarily soups, cheese dishes and fish dishes.


Addes Soup

Addes Soup (Syrian Lentil Soup)

Rich, thick lentil soup is the perfect cure for a cold winter’s day or a summer’s rain. The traditional Addes Soup of Syria served hot is a real winner.