The Jewish Holiday of Passover Commemorates the Exodus from Egypt

Passover (Pesach) is one of the most unique holidays and celebrates the Jewish exodus from slavery in Egypt. The week-long holiday features one (or two in the diaspora) nights of Seder meals detailing the story in full, eating unleavened bread (matzo or matzah) and family gatherings.

Pesach falls in the springtime and these recipes will help you prepare for a delicious Seder meal, survive the entire week without leavened bread and stay fed during the lean time. Our site will primarily follow the Ashkenazi tradition of refraining from kitniyot. So enjoy these great Passover recipes:


Chicken & Matzah Ball Soup

The Best Chicken & Matzah Ball Soup

Chicken & Matzah Ball Soup is the bedrock on which meals are made and often the catalyst to curing colds.