Nine Days of Av

The Nine Days of Av, or Tish B’Av, is a mournful period for the Jewish People.

Tisha B’av, or the Nine Days of Av, are a period of mourning for the Jewish people. These days lead up until the commemoration of the destruction of the second Holy Temple in Jerusalem and the beginning of the exile by the Romans in 70 CE.

tish b'av

From the archaeological dig site near Har Habayit, Jerusalem, Israel.

During this period of intense sadness, Jews traditionally refrain from eating meat or chicken and drinking alcohol (wine especially). On the 9th day, we fast. For the final meal, some Jews actually sit on the floor and eat a little bread with hardboiled eggs. Whether or not you follow these traditions, these recipes are meant to help you get through the mournful period.


Easy Panko Salmon Fillets

Easy Panko Salmon Fillets

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