Lag BaOmer

Israel’s national bonfire night Lag Baomer is a unique experience!

It’s bonfire night! The festive holiday of Lag BaOmer marks the anniversary of the passing of the great Hebrew sage and author of the Zohar, Rabbi Shim bar Yochai. This holiday also marks the end of a great plague suffered among the disciples of Rabbi Akiva.

Lag Baomer

Bonfires are a staple of any Lag Baomer celebration.

Lag B’omer is the one day during the counting of the Omer where weddings are permitted and haircuts are permitted. So as you can imagine, the food is abundant for all of these celebrations.

If you don’t have a wedding to attend, then on Lag B’Omer some Israelis celebrate with classic Israeli BBQ. It’s considered a minor holiday, but it’s a fun one nonetheless. Be safe!


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